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Full Programme

Abstracts are available in the CSZ Bulletin.

Poster and Talk Details:

Talks will be 12 minutes followed by 3 minutes for questions/discussion. Please bring your talk on a USB stick for a PC system. You are welcome to use your own laptop, but any setup time will be deducted from the time allotted to your presentation. UCC 59 (located in the basement of the University Community Centre) is available for speakers who want to check their slides before presenting. If you are presenting in a session, please arrive 15 minutes early to load your talk.

Posters should be printed at a size of 36″ (91 cm) H x 44″ (112 cm) W. Posters should be affixed with Velcro hook & loop tape only (this will be provided). Please set up your poster after Tuesday, 9:00 am; please take down your poster before Wednesday at 4:00 pm.

Confirmed Speakers:

ZET Lecturer: Dr. Shelley Adamo, Dalhousie University
F.E.J. Fry Award: Dr. Brock Fenton, Western University
T.W.M. Cameron Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award: Dr. Adam Ford, UBC, “The mechanistic pathways of species interactions in an African savanna”
R.G. Boutilier Young Investigator Award: Dr. Jay Treberg, University of Manitoba
R.A. Wardle Award: Dr. Martin Olivier, McGill University

LOC Symposium: “Animal movement and migration”
Dr. Sonia Altizer, University of Georgia, “Animal migration, infectious disease risk and response to environmental change”
Dr. Doug Altshuler, University of British Columbia, “Biomechanics of maneuvering flight in hummingbirds”
Dr. Chris Guglielmo, Western University, “The Challenge of empirically testing hypotheses about the physiology of global-scale migrations of birds”
Dr. Michael Stokesbury, Acadia University, “Predicting the effects of in-stream tidal power turbines on migrating Atlantic sturgeon”

CPB (Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry) Section Symposium: “Integrative physiology of locomotion”
Dr. Stan Lindstedt, Northern Arizona University, “Ratchets, springs, and bungees and winding: Recent insights into muscle filaments”
Dr. Emily Standen, University of Ottawa, “Locomotion in a novel environment: a web of physiological impacts”
Dr. Douglas Syme, University of Calgary, “The benefits of bouncing: the ups and downs in theory and practice”
Dr. Tim Higham, University of California Riverside, “Running with an innovation: the mechanisms and consequences of using adhesion during locomotion in geckos”

CMD (Comparative Morphology and Development) Section Symposium: “The Integrative Paleontologist: deep-time approaches to current problems”
Dr. Casey Holliday, University of Missouri, “Evolution of the feeding apparatus in dinosaurs and birds”
Dr. Kirstin Brink, University of British Columbia, “Advanced methods for visualization of fossilized dental tissues”
Dr. David Evans, Royal Ontario Museum, “Paleohistological growth curve reconstruction: An empirical test”
Dr. Stephanie Pierce, Harvard University, “A deep-time perspective on the evolution of the mammalian backbone”

PIE (Parasitology Immunology and Environment) Section Symposium: “Microbiomes: Shaping Parasitism and Immunity”
Dr. Bhagirath Singh: Director of the Centre for Human Immunology, University of Western Ontario, “Regulation of immunity and autoimmunity by Microbiome”
Dr. John R. Barta, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, “From the jungle to the broiler house: Domestication of a host-parasite-microbiome system”
Dr. George Dimopoulous, Director of the Parasitology Core Facility, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, “How mosquito microbiome can influence infections with parasites and viruses”

EEE (Ecology Evolution Ethology) Section Symposium: “Contemporary approaches to wildlife conservation science”
Dr. Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde, Laurentian University, “Conservation biology and zoos – integrating ecology and evolution”
Dr. Trevor Pitcher, University of Windsor, TBA
Dr Suzanne Gray, Ohio State University, “The influence of turbidity on the physiology of imperiled blackline shriners (Notropis spp.) in the Great Lakes”
Dr. Steven Cooke, Carleton University, “Conservation physiology in action” 

CSP (Canadian Science Publishing) funded symposium: “Spineless tales: development and evolution of invertebrates”
Dr. Louise Page, University of Victoria, “Developmental evolution of feeding systems in neogastropods”
Dr. Matteen Rafiqi, McGill University, “Duplication and neofunctionalization of the pole plasm during evolution of ant-bacteria symbiosis drives novel epistatic interactions between hox and germline genes”
Dr. Marc Laflamme, University of Toronto at Mississauga, “Ediacaran diversity in space and time: The first mass extinction of complex life”
Dr. Elaine Seaver, Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, “Evolution of development: The paradox of spiralian embryogenesis”

Preliminary programme:

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